MacLean Apex Product Launch - Swimmer Integrated Marketing

MacLean Apex Product Launch

New Brand Image Re-Launches Product Line to the Electrical Power Market

Challenge: MacLean Power Systems, a leading manufacturer of products used by utilities, desired to revitalize their 25 year-old unbranded polymer transmission insulator product line. Though superior in design, reliability and longevity it suffered from eroding market share and lack of awareness.

Solution: Swimmer developed a new brand name (APEX), identity and branding system for the polymer transmission insulator product line to position MPS as the market leader in transmission, non-ceramic insulators and systems; articulate MPS’s value proposition and the product line’s strong competitive differentiators; and re-introduce the transmission product line to the market. A key industry tradeshow was selected for the kickoff of the APEX campaign and brand identity to re-introduce the product line to the marketplace. The tradeshow booth, print advertising and banner ads in high-profile industry publications and promotional materials were developed with the new APEX name, logo and product tagline, “First in Innovation. Tops in Performance.” The integrated marketing program utilized a variety of media to establish brand awareness and gain mindshare. The ongoing campaign featured a mix of direct mail, print and online advertising, creation of a user-friendly and content-rich microsite, news announcements, case studies, technical abstracts and other marketing tools, as well as thought leadership activities.

Results: The initial brand re-launch of MacLean Power Systems’ APEX Insulator Systems product line has been highly successful. The campaign was well received and awareness continues to grow.