Skydeck Chicago Sightseeing Trolley - Swimmer Integrated Marketing

Skydeck Chicago Sightseeing Trolley

Driving Awareness and Attendance for a High-level Venue

Challenge: The Skydeck is one of the most unique ways to view the Chicago skyline. The Ledge, a glass balcony, extends four feet outside the 103rd floor of Willis Tower for a spine-tingling experience. As they launched The Ledge attraction, Skydeck tapped Swimmer as their ongoing go-to partner.

Solution: Marketing materials and advertising campaigns ranged in size from postage stamp online ads to graphics for full-size sightseeing trolleys in downtown Chicago. Campaigns were targeted to local residents, visitors to Chicago, schools and other group tours and special event planners for weddings, meetings and galas on the 99th floor.

Results: Swimmer has coordinated and developed Skydeck’s online and print advertising for over four years.